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Young Kyoon Kim

Dear my members of the Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.

To begin with, it is my best honor and heaviest responsibility to be the chairman of the board of the Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases, boasting a legacy of 65-years-long history.

The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases is becoming a model to other associations, having grown rapidly based on the efforts of honorable senior members along with the enthusiastic participations of all memberships. Befitted its high reputation, I will try my best to come up to your expectation for 2 years.

With a new executive department launched, I am here to speak of several business plans to further develop the Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.

First, the best efforts will lay on advancing and globalizing the association. Based on the well-established supreme infrastructure, I will do my utmost to build a stepping stone to become a global symposium by fostering the internal stability and efficient management. To achieve this goal, the active participations of young members and the role of the study groups are essential, and I will strive to hold an global symposium and to stage a large scale international symposium in a long term through active intercourses with relevant domestic and international associations including APSR, ERS and ATS.

The second goal is empowering academic journal to the level of SCI to reinforce the status of the association. Our journal has long contributed to academic achievements, and is becoming an international journal with it being translated to English from many years ago. Based on the efforts of the formal director and the executives, I will put tremendous investment and efforts to have it become a SCI-level journal.

Thirdly, while actively participating in national policies, I will endeavor for the development of our association by facilitating communication among our members. Especially, I will cooperate closely with relevant government departments, and carefully gather various opinions of all members to have their voice listened to the medical environment they are into, in tandem with an effort to raise research capacity.

Lastly, the great enthusiasm to promote national health will be always in my mind by diligently participating in preventing respiratory diseases and promoting them.

I truly appreciate all efforts of the president and chairman who led the association greatly for the past 2 years, and of whom having devoted to the development of our association including all members and the directors of board. I ask for your continuous interests and active participation.

Thank you.

In Won Park
Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
The Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiatory Diseases